Engineered Drive Solutions

For over 50 years Power Wheel® has been synonymous with Original Equipment Manufacturers requiring a dependable, robust independent final drive solution.
From it's early beginnings to today, Power Wheel® has long been regarded as the icon of final drives in many markets including; agriculture, construction, forestry, marine, mining, oil, and industrial.
Our vast product line continues to expand to meet the ever changing needs of our customer base. If you are looking for a custom drive solution, contact us today.

Power wheel®


Traction For Anything That Moves

Auburn Gear's High Performance and Pro-Series Limited Slip Differentials are the staple of the performance industry dating back to the mid 1950s. Our rich heritage and legacy provides our customers with the confidence that our products have been proven over the test of time.
Over the last 2 decades we have been developing and manufacturing the next generation of traction enhancement device. The Select-A-Loc™ allows users to go from open or limited slip mode to full locking functionality with the simple flip of a switch. So whether your playground is the street, strip, trails, mud or rocks Auburn Gear has the traction device you need.
Based on our deep tradition, Auburn Gear is no fly by night operation, we are brick and mortar and these products are proudly manufactured and built right here in the good 'ol U.S.A. Contact us today for your traction enhancement needs!



Engineered Drive Solutions

Auburn Gear's Driveline Systems is an extension of our other world class product lines and yet, more. Driveline Systems is a unique customer solution, that simply stated provides value.
We have provided solutions that have simplified the ordering practices of an OEM to the point that it drastically reduced their inventory and now they are ordering in a more just-in-time fashion. We have provided solutions that reduced the number of manufacturing operations required, thus reducing the overall cost, the work in process inventory and the over all lead time.
You may have a machined component in your operation, that is not your core competency, making this your opportunity to call on Auburn Gear to provide a valued Driveline System solution today!



Traction For Anything That Moves

Over the last several years, Auburn Gear has been developing and manufacturing E-TRAC ™ Drive Systems for electric vehicles. We have very quickly become the go-to supplier when OEMs are looking for this assistance with this technology.
Our technical aptitude with respect to the entire drive system has assisted OEMs and helped them produce new electrically driven equipment in various markets including; agriculture, construction, material handling, ground support and automatic guided vehicles.
If you are looking to electrify a drive system, look no further than Auburn Gear, contact us today.

e-trac ™