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Auburn Gear is pleased to announce the introduction of yet another new Power Wheel design - the Model 4 Shaft Output Drives.


The Model 4 is rated at 40,000 lb-in, (4,520 Nm), maximum intermittent output torque and a maximum radial load capacity of 9,900 lbs, (4,490 kg). It also features a robust lock-nut bearing retention and preload design, which provides longer bearing life and reduced shaft deflection.


The primary market for the Model 4 Shaft Output Drives is the smaller end of the auger/drilling applica- tions. However, it can also be used as a conveyor drive, chain & sprocket drive, or other industrial applications.


Click on the above image to download the complete Model 4 brochure.


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Auburn Gear has released a new Compact Drive Family Brochure.  The family consists of 4 distinct product offerings the 70CD, 110CD, 145CD and 160CD.  The intermittent output torque range is from 70,000 lb-in (7,900 N-m) to 160,000 lb-in (18,000 N-m).
With the introduction of these new products, we have listened to our customers as we have packed more power into smaller space claims and we have taken advantage of the plug in motor designs by enhancing our bearing size and spacing.  Simply put, our radial load capacities in this family of gearboxes will outperform the competition.
As always, on released product assemblies, Auburn Gear provides the industry leading 8 week lead time, so if you have a need for a Compact Drive and you are not getting the product performance or customer service you desire, please call us today.
Click on the image to download the Compact Drive Catalog.